Ron van der Staay


Country of birthThe Netherlands

Inspirational people: People that don't judge, don't point finger but take care for each other regardless of their nationality. Especially in the time we live in now!

Best advise ever been given: Dude, take it easy.

Years woking at Blade: Almost 5 years now.

What do you do at Blade:i started as an ambassador and grew into a team rider. found out that my strength is not in front of the camera’s but rather behind them. Now im the international team manager and one of my jobs is to coordinate the entire pro team and all blade connected friends and family around the globe.

The best thing working at a kite company: Its always been my dream to be involved in a company that creates sports hardware, you directly or indirectly help creating awesome times for people all over the world how cool is that!

Funniest kite related experience you had:When Blade’s CEO Yaron Barlev was running over an tiny island somewhere in Egypt because all prototypes flew away by a sudden wind gust. Photoshoot had almost gone into tears on the first day. scary but priceless!!!!

Favorite Kites