Hendrik burgers



Country of Birth: Venezuela, Caracas

Current location: Cabarete DR

Your hobbies off the water: Experiencing new things, relaxing with friends and family, and meditating

Most memorable kite session: Have had quite a lot of these thru the years but one thing that always seems to get me are those surreal colors riding into the sunset!

What gives you the motivation to be a pro kiteboarder: Everybody has a passion, until the fire is ignited people have yet to realize what there purpose is, mine is to live a life well lived, to experience the rush, live off endorphins, keep the dopamine flowing, and continue seeking the natural high! Kitesurfing made me realize all of this, as i continĂșe to ride I continue learning

Best advise ever been given: Do what you know, know what you can!

When i was little i wanted to be:A windsurfer! what was I thinking?! Haha just kidding. Windsurfing was what got me into kiteboarding. Forever grateful for that!

Coolest place you have ever been: Hawaii, Israel, Brazil

Health food or junk food?Health food all the way! Chef HB if ha didn't know!

Kite trips - cold climates or Tropical?Board shorts and bikinis any day over suits and jackets!

Music bands you like:Stickfigure. Burningspear. Dj John Dill or Alex Cruz

Additional sponsors:Axis kite boards , Prolimit , Hyperlite, ArubaRocks

Favorite Kites