Efrat Sa’ar


Age: no comment :-)


Inspirational people: Steve Jobs, My grandmother :-), Clark Little- shorebreak photographer

Best advise ever been given: Always look on the bright side of life

Years woking at Blade: 1

What do you do at Blade: Online Marketing Manager

The best thing working at a kite company: I get to work with the best and coolest kitesurfers in the world, work with the best kite magazines. Most of all... leading a life where kiting and photographing is considered part of the job.

Funniest kite related experience you had: I get to travel to Jordan quite often to go kiting in Aqaba on the Red Sea. It is very close to where I live but no one has an idea what kitesurfing is all about. We cross the boarder walking with all of our equipment. One time after shoving our equipment through the x-ray machine, one of the officers was very suspicious and asked about the equipment. My friend Ofir pulled out his phone and started showing him photos of us kitesurfing. My friend swiped fast through some of the photos and one of them was of a girl in a bikini. “Go back, go back” the officer said.. wanting to take a closer look at the bikini :-)

Favorite Kites