All We Do Is Kites

Here at Blade all we do is kites. No boards, no accessories, only kites. Why? Because designing kites is a craftsmanship that requires full attention, and this focus allows us to improve each kite to the point of perfection.
For over 10 years, our vision has remained the same: To create specific kites for specific disciplines, giving each rider the feeling that the kite was tailor-made to fit his or her style.

How We Do It

In the heart of our creation process stands a versatile team of riders who test our kites in each stage of the development. We listen to what they have to say, tweak the features and push the boundaries of each kite over and over again, until it’s 100% ready for action.
Then, and only then, we share it with you and let you enjoy the pure feeling of adrenaline rush.