Pike Harris

Nickname: Pizzle


Country of Birth:USA

Your hobbies off the water:I dont leave the water but if I'm not kiting, surfing, or sailing I'll skate around or lounge at the beach.

Most memorable kite session: Theres so many but one of my favorite sessions was this winter when all of my friends were out and had 18ft+ waves with 8m conditions. Definitely the biggest and most tranquil chaos I've experienced.
what gives you the motivation to be a pro kiteboarder: I want to show the world my style of kiting.

Inspirational people: Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Noa Deane

Best advise ever been given: Life is what you make it.

When i was little i wanted to be: A pro sailor

Coolest place you have ever been: Costa Rica, surfed some epic waves.

Health food or junk food?80% Health food 20% Junk... Gotta squeeze in a cheese burger for the big gains

kite trips - cold climates or Tropical?Cold climate, I dont know why but I like wearing a wetty when kiting.

Additional sponsors:Mantis United

Favorite Kites