Maxime Bonardi


Age: 16

Country of Birth:France

Current location:Seillans , south of France

Your hobbies off the water:
My family, friends, video games

Most memorable kite session:25 knts in l'Almanarre ( Hyères ) , flat water , my 7m Trigger and my Sword 2 by Taaroa Hydrofoil : go to little islands and be back tired and peaceful !

What gives you the motivation to be a pro kiteboarder: See the pro- foilers and train with them ( Ariane Imbert, Maxime Nocher, Axel Mazella ...) . Be an ambassador of my sport - passion all over the world

Inspirational people:Maxime Nocher, Axel Mazella, Jean-Guillaume Rivaud

Best advise ever been given:Keep calm!

When i was little i wanted to be: Fireman

Coolest place you have ever been:Beauduc! The best french kitespot

Music bands you like: Kid Ink , Jarod, Nekfeu

Additional sponsors:
Pbc, Taaroa Hydrofoil, Circle One surf company, KBF

Favorite Kites