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13 m
13 m
The pop value is the average of 5 highest jumps by one of the sizes of this model.

8 sec
8 sec
The hangtime value is the average of 5 longest hangtimes by one of the sizes of this model.
2 x
2 x
Multiple of power generated at peak of kiteloop. The higher the value the more power it generated.
2.6 sec
2.6 sec
Turning Speed
Time it takes to make 4 figure 8.
20 kt
20 kt
flying speed
The average recorded speed of the kite over 10 seconds cycle.
29 °
29 °
The angle between upwind and 90 degrees to the wind.
11 kt
11 kt
The lowest wind strength to be able to stay upwind on a 138cm TT board, on the biggest kite size of this model.
78 %
78 %
The percentage of power that can be reduced when depowering the kite.

Riding level


  • freeride
  • freestyle
  • wakestyle
  • wave
  • race

Size Finder

Enter your weight and the expected wind strength. The Size Finder will give you the suggested kite size.


wind range

Best Size


  • 3struts

    3 Struts

    The 3-strut kite design has proven itself since the day Blade introduced it in 2008, enhancing the responsiveness and turning speed for any size kite.

  • quickturn

    Quick Turn

    All Blade kites are designed to be super reactive and quick turning. This is vital in order to progress as riders and define one's riding style.

  • sweet-spot

    Extended Sweet Spot

    The wind range for this kite has been increased, so that you can enjoy maximum kite performance in multiple wind conditions.
  • reflex

    Reflex Relaunch

    Whether the kite dives onto the water or tumbles through the waves, it doesn’t matter. The exclusive kite design forces the wingtips out of the water and to the edge of the window. Virtually no work is needed to get back up and riding.
  • maxflow

    Max Flow Inflation

    Inflating your kites becomes easier and faster with the max flow inflation system. The kite will be ready to go in almost half the time, along with a very gratifying bonus: a higher leading edge pressure that leads to a better kite performance.
  • mid-pivot

    Mid Pivot

    Turning axis is generated along the LE between center strut and wingtip, resulting in efficient balance between turning speed and power delivery. This is a key performance feature for all-around kites.
  • shape

    Steep Profile Shape

    A steeper profile shape has many added benefits, primarily in jumping performance. The deep contours pack the kite with immediate power, providing the required thrust for big aerials.
  • dynamic

    Dynamic Profile

    The profile shape from the leading to the trailing edge changes as you move from the center out towards the wingtips. This rider-conscious design provides the optimal performance characteristics for the different stages of flight.
  • performance

    Wave Performance Setting

    Optional wave setting positions the kite further in the edge of the window, allowing more depower, better drift characteristics and better upwind performance.


  • Blade-Construction-BridleAttachmentPoint-Thumb-A-01i

    Bridle Attachment Point

    Internally constructed, the leading edge has twice as many reinforcement patches. That means larger LE impact loads resistance and additional protection from the constant wear and abrasion.
  • Blade-Construction-InsigniaTape-Thumb-A-01i

    Insignia Tape

    We know you like to ride hard. That’s why our kites have 25% more Insignia tape in the delicate areas surrounding the LE. You can be confident this kite will endure even the toughest impact.
  • Blade-Construction-DacronCombo-Thumb-A-01i

    Dacron Combo

    Making a kite both light and strong is key for the kite’s performance. We achieved this by applying a very strong 170g Teijin Dacron for added rigidity in primary areas like leading edge and using lighter 160g Dacron HPE for less vulnerable sections.
  • Blade-Construction-Teijin-Thumb-A-01i

    Teijin Techno Force

    Our top of the line Techno Force canopy material has been a mainstay of our product line for 6 years and has proven to be superior to anything else on the market.
  • Blade-Construction-LEClosingSeam-Thumb-A-01i

    LE Closing Seam

    The LE seam is sealed with three layers of stitching, double layered Insignia Tape reinforcement and a final protective Dacron seam.
  • Blade-Construction-MoldedLEGuards-Thumb-A-01i

    Molded LE Guards

    Our freshly designed molded LE guards are lighter, more aerodynamic and effectively protect the kite from all your outrageous wipeouts.
  • MAD2 trigger

    MAD 2 Air Flow System

    The specially-designed valve pieces on the one-pump system are 100% foolproof. Trust us, you’ll be pumped up and ready to ride in no time!
  • Blade-Construction-MaxFlow-Thumb-A-01i

    Blade Max Flow

    The all new inflating system makes for a 44% quicker inflation to get you on the water as fast as possible.
  • Blade-Construction-Pump-Thumb-A-01i

    Blade 2nd Gen XL Pump

    New and improved pump. This new pump is more durable, has less shaft friction, has a built in pressure gauge and a slick design.

Designer's notes

What makes the Trigger such a fun all-around kite?
Having a kite into its 8th year really helps us to tune it to perfection. We have been able to tune down each profile and each bridle so the kite performs to the best of its abilities.
We have powerful profiles in the center of the kite, with very quick profile at the ends to give that strong and agile feeling. The fairly short profile provides the direct feel that very few bridle kites have.
Maybe the most important feature is the small leading edge which gives the feeling of a fairly small kite in terms of handling but very strong in terms of performance.

How does the new Max Flow affect the design of the kite?
One of our main objectives this year was to utilize a new inflation system that will allow our kites to reach their maximum potential during each ride. We have had some problems with it in the past, so this year we took it up a notch and installed the new Max Flow inflation on all of our kites, along with a new Dacron that will make sure the kite gets inflated to high pressure.
The new Dacron is much less flexible so it makes the leading edge much stiffer. The Max Flow makes the inflation very easy and enables the kite to reach high pressures much more easily.

How do the wingtips influence the Trigger’s performance?
The wingtips have two important purposes: turning and preserving the arc shape of the kite.
Turning power, speed, control and stability are greatly influenced by the wingtip’s area. When a good balance between area and shape is found, the kite delivers superb reactive turning, while maintaining full control so you can perform the maneuver exactly like you intended to. The wingtips also preserve the arc of the kite, which is important for maintaining the shape for relaunch after a nasty wipeout.