Rider of the Month August 2016: Ido Rondberg, Israel

Rider of the Month August 2016: Ido Rondberg, Israel

Proud to present our Rider of the Month for August 2016!

Name:  Ido Rondberg

Country of Birth: Israel

Current Location: Sea of Galilee, Israel 

How long have you been kiting? 7 years 

Tell us a bit about your local spot:  My local spot is in a lake (The Sea of Galilee)  in the northern part of Israel with an amazing mountain view. We have a crazy season from May to October- the wind blows strong daily and we’re there to ride it!!!

Your favourite kiting style: Free style

Favorite kite: Trigger 9

Your inspiration:  My inspiration is my friend who used to take me kiting when I was young. We used to surf together, and  2 years later he committed suicide.

Your favourite trick: Front roll board off

Your funniest kiting story: Once I attempted jumping over a small fishing boat and crashed right on the fisherman :-)

What made you want to kite in the first place? I was really bored in my little village and it was very windy outside…

What are your top 3 kiting locations you’d like to visit?  Morocco, New Zealand and British Colombia

What do you do when you are not kiting?ride motocross, and work work work

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