Rider of the Month: Imbaud Verhaegen, Brussels

Rider of the Month: Imbaud Verhaegen, Brussels

Proud to present our first Rider of the Month: Imbaud Verhaegen

Name:  Imbaud Verhaegen

Country of Birth: Brussels

Current Location: Brussels 

How long have you been kiting? 3 years 

Tell us a bit about your local spot: Slufter (maaslvakte) in holland is an amazing spot with waves and a flat water pool. Rilland and Browersdam are also nice spots during the high tide, the flat is huge and perfect for freestyle.

Your favourite kiting style: I really enjoy freestyle unhooked but when the wind is strong I need some waves to kick !

Favorite kite: In one month -> Blade Highscore!

Your inspiration: nick jacobsen, Toby Braeuer, Tom Herbert, Christophe Tack 

Your favourite trick: Spend to blind or a huge dark slide grab

Your funniest kiting story: I have so many funny story, I often lose a gopro in the water or the key of the car which hopefully I find back after the session…  a kite session is always a good way to enjoy the nature with friends and to make some foolery in the water ! 

What made you want to kite in the first place? I probably find a amazing secret spot in the future and have an eco kite camp where everyone are welcome to enjoy my secret place and to help make this place as chill as possible. I also want to push my level and to continue to share my passion by the kite video and pictures.

What are your top 3 kiting locations you’d like to visit? Next year I will kite in the Altai national park in Mongolia, we will shoot a film for a big project but I really want to go to Brazil or Africa to meet new spots and new cultures…

What do you do when you are not kiting? I really love to make video and photos shoots so when I am not kiting I am ofter behind my cameras or my drones.

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