Give the kids a kite and see the magic happens

Give the kids a kite and see the magic happens

Our friends from Blade Kits Polska started with few new projects this year from which ‘Trzech z 6tki’ (Three from 6th) is the biggest and runs long term.
Since Kitesurfing is an expensive and exclusive hobby and as such creates social exclusion. Their goal is to act against this exclusion.

“We chose 6 young guys from our local society and our aim is to teach them kitesurfing and the next step will be to give them skills so they could become kitesurfing instructors and work among us during the upcoming season.

We believe kitesurfing can change life as it has changed ours. We want to share this passion and show different style of living to next generations.

This way I would like to thank Blade Kiteboarding for supporting the Foundation with fantastic equipment as well as Tommy from Huna Boards for a surf board that has been sold on auction.
Special thanks goes also to Chalupy 6 – the place where all this magic can happen!”

Dok Tor

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