Dealer of the Month 4/2016: PROKITE South Padre Island, Texas, USA

Dealer of the Month 4/2016: PROKITE South Padre Island, Texas, USA

We’d like to introduce to you Brett Newcomb from South Padre Island, Texas, USA

 our Dealer of the Month for April 2016!


Location:  SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TEXAS USA   ….    A mostly deserted, semi tropical, sandbar-like barrier island off the coast at the Texas Mexico border, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Favorite spot in your area:  

We are fortunate to have some of the biggest, most open kite beaches and riding spots, all just minutes from town. There are names for the different places people typically park and ride from, but you can’t really go wrong at any of them.  My favorites are ‘South Flats’ where we do lessons and ride flatwater, the ‘End of the Road’ for N wind wave riding, ‘The Jetty’ for S wind wave riding, and ‘The Ditch’ which is an awesome summertime flatwater spot.

What’s the best time of the year for kiting in your spot: 

South Padre is windy all year long.  Visiting kiters like the Spring and Fall months; March through June and October through December are the most popular.  The best surf kiting is typically in Winter, and Summertime is lighter wind but steady and consistent, turning on to about 18mph almost every afternoon.  If I had to pick I would say I like December and June the best.


Your favorite kite..? 

The Trigger has proven itself year after year, version after version to be an excellent do everything kite. Each revision has its highlights, but all have been good.  The 2016 is the most exciting to fly, it feels tuned up in every way, super quick and sensitive, stronger pulling and more powerful without the kites feeling ‘bigger’, and massive boost.  The Trigger 10m is my favorite kite.

The perfect day at your home spot…:  

For me the perfect day on South Padre actually starts the day before the perfect day.  In the late Fall and Winter months North wind can hit the Island hard, often blowing 40-50mph.  If that North wind is approaching a little from the East as well it kicks up big surf, in the 12′ range.  It is the day after that has the potential.  By the second day the wind has typically steadied out around 25mph, and sometimes it turns a little North West which is just slightly side-off and the absolute best direction for wave riding. That’s when we rip the ‘End of the Road Downwinder’, which is about a 7mile down the line surf run, and if the sun is out and there aren’t too many lessons booked, that is the perfect day.  

If you could move your kite business anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

Traveling to new kiteboarding spots and the meeting the people that live and ride there is one of the best parts of kiteboarding. There are so many awesome places to discover and enjoy. My favorite discovery from the last years remains the Magdalen Islands, off the North Eastern coast of Canada. My wife has actually been running her own kite school there in the summertime for years and the conditions are excellent, the people and Islands are amazing and there is definitely something magic about that place. But, every time we return to South Padre she reminds us why we love her so much.  We live in an incredible kite spot, and cannot image a better place to have a Kiteboarding Lesson Center.


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