Snow kiting on the hardangervidda, Norway / by Richard Anthony Newman

Snow kiting on the hardangervidda has to be on any kitesurfers bucket list and luckily for me it’s only a 4-5 hours drive from my home town of Sandnes which also happens to be the surf capital of Norway as well..

Norway is simply a magical place of pure beauty. The drive up onto the hardangervidda alone is jaw dropping. Winding up and down narrow roads through the norwegian fjords with every turn providing a Kodak moment. Once on the road heading straight through the heart of the hardanger range you fast realise why snow kiting is huge up here. The terrain goes on for as for as far as the eye can see and offers something for every style of rider. But up here it’s the true adventure kiter that will get the most out of their trip. It’s only your imagination that will hold you back. The weather here is insane and changes faster than you can do a kiteloop. You can spend hours stuck in a line waiting for the road to open again so be prepared and enjoy every second of being in snow kite heaven. Bring as many kite sizes as you can fit into your car. You will need them all. 

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